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News – I know nothing about you, but there are some pretty important things in my life that wouldn’t cause me a little grief if I lost them or stole them. They are probably the same. Keys, laptop, mobile phone, wallet, backpacks, briefcases, small children, etc. fortunately, there are ways to protect these things using the products of Tile, the world leader in smart location technology. I have been using the KeySmart KeySmart with a built-in tile for almost 2 years and it is a wonderful gadget! I can locate the keychain when I put it down, and for those of you who misplace your keys, you have to take one.

And for those of you who are fans of tiles, there is good news! October 8th they roll out new versions of beloved tile products and some new products as well! Tile fans will appreciate these new/refreshed products:
Tile Pro-The refreshed Pro with the replaceable battery now has an even greater range, up to 400 ft! And it only costs for a Life full of Peace of Mind!

Tile Mate – The updated Mate with replaceable battery now has an even longer range, up to 200 feet, 50 feet longer than previous versions!

Tile Slim – the new Slim takes the new shape of a slightly bouncy credit card, so it easily fits into your wallet or anywhere else where a “slim” Profile is needed. It also has a range of 200 feet and a battery capacity of 3 years!

Tile sticker-the new waterproof sticker is about the size of a slightly larger Mentos candy. It has a 3M-designed sticker on the back that stays in place, and a Battery that lasts 3 years, with a range of 150 feet!

Tile also deploys various Combo packs ranging of these 4 products to make sure you can grab the tile product you want. Visit the Tile website to see them. And come back after for a full review.

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