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REVIEWS – Even if mobile, tablet and computer brands can improve technology and increase battery density and performance, there will always be a new app, or connectivity will have a hard time draining the same battery much faster than you want. This is where laptop batteries are very useful. There are many variations out there and the RAVPower PD 20,000 mAh portable charger, the input and output powerbank is the one that caught my eye with its large capacity and bidirectional power distribution capacity.

What’s this?

that it is a portable battery. The longest answer is that it is a 20.000 mAh battery with multiple inputs and outputs so that it can be optimally integrated into the ecosystem of your device. The LED screen will show you exactly what percentage of the battery is left.

What’s in the box ?

  • Power Bank PD 20,000 mAh
  • Micro USB-powered Cable
  • User’s guide
  • Hardware Specifications

Input Ports:

  • PD-USB – C: 5V~2A, 9V~2A, 12V~1.5A
  • Micro-USB: 5V~2A, 9V~2A, 12V~1.5A
  • Flash: 5V~2.1A

Output Ports:

  • PD-USB – C: 5V~3A, 9V~2A, 12V~1.5A
  • USB-A (3.0) QC: 5V~3A, 9V~2A, 12V~1.5A
  • USB-A (2.0) iSmart: 5V~2.4A
  • Output Power: 5V~3A Max
  • Output power: 18W

Design and features

The RAVPower PD Powerbank is a 1″ thick rectangle with rounded corners and edges. The entire product has a smooth matte black finish except for the face, which has a small shiny section next to a subtly ribbed surface with a centered RAVPower logo.

At this end are all connecting terminals. The two links are just entered. Lightning and Micro USB port. Both on the right are exits. USB-a QC 3.0 and USB-A iSmart 2.0. The USB-C PD connector in the middle is both input and output.


The PD Power Bank does not come with a wall adapter. This is becoming increasingly common. The devices you want to turn on already come with an adapter, and Ravpower’s goal is to help you minimize what you have to carry.

The first thing you want to do is complete the PD Power Bank fee. You can use the included micro USB cable, but if you have a USB-C cable and an adapter, you should use it, because it increases the powered speed to 18 watts, which is significantly reduced the last time. RAVPower demands a full charge in about 5.4 hours, which is more or less what I saw during the exam period.


There’s not much to cover here because the PD Power bank just works. That the first need for a reliable battery. The main devices I need on the go are MacBook pro, iPad pro and Pamu Slide headphones (all with USB-C). My iPhone, Apple Watch, and Bose frames (which I use for cycling) all have their own connection cables with USB-a current ends.

The PD Power Bank is able to charge all this without any problems. With a single USB-C cable, I can keep the RAVPower and then charge each of my USB-C devices.of course, I still have to carry 3 specific cables for my small devices, but this is much better than 6 specific cables and many wall adapters.

The next thing that falls into the “only works” category is that when connected, the PD power bank starts to supply power. This, in my opinion, is a good thing, because when it is connected, it is loaded. The only thing the power button does is to display the charge level on the display of extraterrestrial units S.If you want to stop powered, you need to disconnect it.

The only great thing I saw during use was powering my MacBook pro while writing this review. After reviewing some features, I connected my MacBook (98% battery) to the RAVPower PD powerbank via a USB-C cable.I had the chime that charges the MacBook, and so I kept working. A few minutes after I heard a repeated chime about every 30 seconds. It turned out that I was 100% and my Mac fluctuated between 99 and 100%. I haven’t been able to recreate the issue, and it’s actually a pretty unlikely scenario, since you probably won’t be using a portable battery when your Mac is full, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Final considerations

As I mentioned earlier, this product works quite simply. The only thing I can find to call RAVPower man is the ridiculously long and boring name of this product. And if you look again at the super-fine black-on-black print on the back of the device, they call it “RAVPower PD Pioneer” from the first line. Pioneer is a much better product name. If your kit would benefit from 20,000 mAh of emergency power, you should take a closer look, as this is an excellent value for the dollar.

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