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REVIEW-Learning to play guitar is on many bucket lists. It is a set of skills that you can continuously improve your whole life and like many other skills can be extremely frustrating and rewarding at the same time. Condensing the learning curve would go a long way for many people. Loog Guitars has a range of guitars with a very unique approach to children that does just that, with no shortcuts that would force you to relearn or change the approach after. Does that sound interesting? That’s what I thought.

What’s this?

The Loog pro Electric is an electric guitar for children. It is built with standard guitar materials such as a solid wood body and a maple neck, but it has only three strings; the first three (high strings) being specific. This means that the chord is the same, just like the chords for these strings, which means that everything you learn is 100% applicable to a standard 6-string guitar.

What’s in the box ?

Electric Guitar Pro
Loog Flash Cards with chord diagrams
App (technically not in the box)

Hardware Specifications

  • Body: Paulownia
  • Neck and fingerboard : Maple
  • Number of Frets: 18
  • Control: Volume
  • Scale: 20.4″ (520.0mm)

Design and features

Everything about the Guitar Loog is designed to allow children (and mature) to learn how to play the guitar more easily. The pro Electric is reduced by a full size guitar as you can in this comparison photo.

The solid wood body has a modern version of a classic fender-style shape and a solid mounting bridge, a volume control, a 1/4 plug and belt mounts.

The neck is almost half the width of a regular guitar, as it has only three strings, which makes it ideal for small hands.

The doll is well tilted back and has chrome tuners.

And the back has the plate for access to the electronic assembly.


The pro Electric is best played via a guitar amplifier. This is not necessary, since the strings sound, but an amplifier makes it easier to hear when you learn to play and tune. Since I received this sample, Loog now includes a mini amp and guitar cable at no extra cost. How is it for awesome. They also sell an acoustic guitar if it is a better option for you.

The guitar comes fully assembled with strings and just needs a quick adjustment. If you haven’t tuned a guitar yet, don’t worry; the Loog app has a tuner, so you should download it immediately.

When you open the app for the first time, you will see all the different areas to explore. In the upper left corner there is information about your guitar, as well as parental information about the learning process. Below (from left to right) you have a tuner, videos from the Hall of Fame, songs to play, guitar lessons, drummers, chords and then games. Let’s go and jump to the tuner.


The essence of learning the game is to learn how the handle works and make the fingers move smoothly in these new alien positions. It’s about repeating and keeping the fun. Loog gets that, as you can see from the screenshots of the app above. The application is also not necessary because the guitar comes with flash cards that are super cute. Here the big chords are aligned.

Let’s take a closer look at the D that uses the three strings. The chord diagram is the first confirmation that it is played on a loog in exactly the same way as on any six-string guitar. The image at the bottom left of one hand shows which fingers you are going to use, and the character’s guitar in the middle shows where those fingers are going.

There are maps for all the chords you need to get started, and you can do the same in the app, where you can press the button to hear how it should look.

I tried everything but I couldn’t get the app’s audio to stream over Bluetooth. Our line 6 amplifier has an aux input, so I was able to play the audio from the app through the same amplifier as the guitar. It can be difficult to balance the volume so you can hear the app and your guitar. Play with a solution that works for your setup before you release your child with it.

On the tuner page, the default setting of the tuner is Manual. Every time I tried to select Auto, the application crashed.

And finally, the app does not like iOS 13 yet. I hope Loog will fix them quickly.

Final considerations

I wish Loog was there when I was little. My kids already had a lot of instructions on the guitar, but the way Loog brought the instrument, the app and the flash cards together as a system is very impressive. The guitar is solid and should last for years. I’m going to New York next month to see my sister and bring her to my 6-year-old nephew. I will update the review after he has had time with her. He will be excited!

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