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CROWDFUNDING-REVIEW – We all have smartphones, yes? And despite the eye-catching cover, Poppy buttons, Dangly strap and other attempts, these Smartphones continue to grow and are therefore more difficult to hold while they are in use. And because they are also increasingly expensive, it seems wise to hold them firmly in hand, without compromising their style and ergonomics. This is where Ohsnap comes in. With its variety of features and low profile style, it could be just the best phone handle in the history of all time. See. Gadget on!

What is it?

Ohsnap is a low profile handle device for your Smartphone. It can be magnetically attached to objects, can be removed quickly for wireless powered and is the main feature of a Pop-out finger loop (shown above).

What’s in the box?

The pictures above and below show The packaging Of Ohsnap, which looks relatively simple and simple. Until I actually try to get out Ohsnap.

At first I tried to cut the plastic that held Ohsnap, but it was an unpleasant mistake and it lasted forever, and I began to coat Ohsnap’s beautifully anodized gold surface. Finally, I simply took scissors and cut the side and top edges of the packaging to free Ohsnap from its cardboard and plastic cage.

Material Specifications

Materials = Aluminum, Steel, plastic and silicone. More: Magnets!

Design and functions


I like the fact that the Ohsnap packaging allows you to try the product, which of course I did as seen above. Pressing the rivet in the middle, the gripping strip (as I call it) was released, and both sides appeared immediately. Read more and how it works below.

In the Kickstarter campaign, Ohsnap was initially available in the four colors shown above: rose gold, Space Grey, gold and black. However, when campaign funding reaches its final goal, the following additional colors will be unlocked: ruby red, cobalt blue, Kelly green, Flame Orange and very purple.

One of the features Of Ohsnap is that the aluminum shell can be removed from the plastic base very easily and quickly. Read more below.

Installing Ohsnap on Your Phone is quite simple. Essentially, you simply remove the backing paper from the glue and glue it with a few extra steps to make sure it is properly placed.

In the photo above, there are a few things to consider. The first is the central rivet on which the handle strip is attached to the aluminum shell of Ohsnap. It is not only a fixing point, but it allows the handle strip to rotate 360 degrees, so that it can be adjusted where it suits you best. The second thing to note is the rows of visible holes that are part of the mechanism that snaps the upper part into the base when you push or push it. Third, you can only see on the left edge that the glue and backing paper were a little worn out, which I guess when I tried to remove Ohsnap from the packaging.

As I keep my iPhone XR in a black Tech21 Evo Check cover, I decided to install Ohsnap on the back. After peeling off the rest of the glue-carrying paper, I followed the instructions and centered Ohsnap left and right, placing it near the bottom of the cover. I then pressed firmly, but gently along the base, making sure I pressed each part of the base. The instructions indicated that the base was then 2 hours (! before sliding the upper part into the base. We look in the Meantime, the upper Part of Ohsnap to.

The Grip Strip Pop works because the soft silicone coating of the Grip Strip contains a bimetallic strip almost identical to the popular “Snap” bracelets a few years ago. Congratulations to the people at Ohsnap who have found a way to use the principle of operation of these bracelets for something that is actually useful.

Final Thoughts

Onsnap is a cleverly designed, well-built and feature-packed flat phone handle. From its quick grip band that wraps easily around a finger to secure your phone in your hand, to its magnetic attachment to metal objects, to its ability to be easily removed from the base to wireless powered of the phone, this is a next generation phone grip. It will only take you a few times to get by, and then you may be wondering how you used your phone all the time without it.

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