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REVIEW-When people talk about action cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is the GoPro camera. In addition, the image that comes to mind is also the typical shape of a rectangular matchbox. However, thanks to the OCLU action camera, the OCLU breaks the stereotypical shape and appearance of the action camera. Not only that, but the OCLU action camera has a unique editing process that makes it easy to delete unwanted images at the touch of a button while striking. According to OCLU, THIS feature prevents content from overloading, making your best snapshots easy to find and accessible. When it comes to striking with these action cameras, the more user-friendly, the better. But has the OCLU’s on-the-fly montage lived up to its hype? More on that after.

What’s this?
The OCLU 4K Camera is a waterproof action camera that does not look like your typical action camera. The OCLU is more organically shaped with its bold rounded sides and the camera lens at the body edge unlike other cameras that have the lens at the front of the camera. So the placement of the LCD search is now technically above the camera body. With its rounded sides makes the OCLU more aerodynamic in shape and form. OCLU has received six different awards, including the iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the European Product Design Award.

What’s in the box ?

  • Action Camera OCLU
  • Battery
  • OcSnap USB powered and data cable
  • Oclink Bracket
  • Microfiber Bag
  • Oclu Stickers
  • Quick guide

Hardware Specifications.

The OCLU action camera measures 2.4 inches. x 2.4 inches. x 1.1 inches. (62.5 mm x 61.5 mm x 28 mm). The weight of the camera with the battery is 3.6 ounces. (101g). The camera features a 150°f2.5 ultra-wide glass lens and the camera body is IPX7 waterproof. The camera adopts H. 264 BP/MP/HP Level 5.1 and MJPEG.

The photo resolutions of OCLU action Camera are 12 MP, 8 MP and 5 MP and feature Burst Mode, Time Lapse, Continuous Loop Recording, Multi Photo Recording and Motion recording. But what sets the OCLU action camera apart from the other action cameras on the market today is its exclusive Live Cut feature. If the camera is set to Live Cut, you can delete unwanted recordings while recording. No need to stop recording, play pictures or search for this unwanted clip and delete it. You can just throw the wrong catch on the fly.

This is great, for example, you pick up someone who is trying to make a round successfully, and you know that you do not want unsuccessful attempts to nibble on space on the microSD card. Let’s say this person tries something and does not land it, you can just press the Live Cut button and this section will be deleted immediately and the camera will continue to record from the segment you just deleted. Simply. And if you continue to film in this way, you will only be left with the right shots, and there will be no bad shots or unwanted shots taking up space on your card, and more importantly, you will not have to check those extra shots that you will not use and delete anyway.

Now remember that in order to use the live cut, you need to be there with the camera. There is really no way to check bad pictures. You just need to keep this decision at this time or to cut these pictures.

Now remember that in order to use the live cut, you need to be there with the camera. There is really no way to check bad pictures. You just need to keep this decision at this time or to cut these pictures.

Speaking of mounting, few action cameras have a built-in 1/4 thread, so it’s refreshing that the OCLU camera has a tripod thread on the bottom of the camera. You do not need to attach a separate bracket or holster to use the OCLU with a tripod. Many action cameras I have do not have this built-in thread, so when I get my hands on action cameras with tripod thread, it makes life easier and more convenient.

Something you won’t notice right away is the camera’s microphones. There is one at the front of the camera just at the other end of the lens and there are two more at the top of each side of the On/Record button. In the camera settings in the Switch menu, you can change the audio recording to stereo, top or front. I like to have these independent microphones in these places as it gives you opportunities to record audio. I like that the OCLU IPX7 is water resistant, right out of the box, but if you want a full seal, you can use the optional OcShell IPX8 Waterproof cover. The cover is 50 meters or 150 feet waterproof.

So the OCLU action camera can look good and all this with its slim and aerodynamic low profile, but what quality does it record? The quality was excellent. I was very impressed with the quality of the pictures taken by OCLU. Remember that some of the best images come from bright days as well as cloudy days. I was impressed by the sharpness and contrast of the images. I kept the camera mainly in automatic mode and the OCLU did a good job of maintaining balanced exposure without color changes or exaggerated reflections. I was lucky enough to use the manual settings of the camera when I set the ISO and exposure compensation. I wanted to test the low-light capabilities of the camera in scenes where the camera would probably not be able to properly control the exposure. And I must say that I was very happy about the low quality of light that the OCLU camera recorded.

Other manual parameters are point measurement, ISO limit value and white balance. The photo quality was as good as the video quality recorded by this camera. The camera’s automatic settings did a good job of analyzing scenes and capturing a decently exposed image.

One of the main features that caught my attention was the one-touch recording. When this feature is enabled in the camera settings, you can simply press the power/record button and the camera will turn on and start recording video automatically. This is a great feature once the One Touch Rec is activated in the camera. This is especially useful when recording video. Just press the Power/Record button and the camera will turn on and a few seconds after the camera will start recording. As soon as you press the record button again, the camera stops recording and turns off automatically.

It should be noted that when the one-button recording is activated and the camera is set to photo mode, when you press the power / record button, the camera turns on, on and off. Every time you press the power button, the camera turns on, takes a picture, and turns off. It happened to me. In the beginning I was frustrated because I wanted to disable the check button, because all that was not turning on the camera, take a photo, and then turns off. After some time figuring out how to end this, I discovered that all you need to do is hold down the power button for a few seconds, as if I was actually turning on the camera. The camera turns on, but does not go through the one-button recording process. I tried using the OCLU app to see if I could disable one-button recording, but the camera shut down automatically so I couldn’t even connect the camera to the app. Believe me, it became very frustrating before I understood.

The OCLU action camera charges your battery with the magnetic OcSnap USB powered cable. I found this cable very practical and useful. I love the fact that I just put the round magnetic end on the back of the camera and it snaps right in. It is also convenient that with this magnetic powered cable connected to the camera and your computer, you can view the photos and videos you have taken.

Speaking of app, I like that you can control the camera functions remotely through the app. The app has a nice user interface, but I want the preview screen a little bigger than it is now. The app doesn’t even switch to landscape mode when I turn on my phone. I was hoping that this might make the preview screen a little bigger. At the moment, the application can only be used in portrait mode, but it must be done. This is not a fraction factor, I would prefer to just use the application in landscape mode.

Final considerations

With so many action cameras on the market today, better equipment means spending more. But if you can get an action camera for less money, but you still have a lot of features with a slimmer, more aerodynamic body shape that stands out from the rest of the crowd, then OCLU’s action camera is one that you should really consider for yourself. Besides the appearance of the camera, the image quality, the functions of the camera and the shape of the camera housing, there are some features that are trump cards for this particular action camera. There are a lot of things I like about this camera, from the magnetic powered cable to the tripod thread, the waterproof cover and the Live Cut function. Even the little things that this action camera has to offer make a big difference in what I love about an action camera. And some of these features can only be found on more expensive action cameras. But with this action camera From OCLU, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get those extra features.

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